The Beauty of Japanese Embroidery

Some of the most famous civilizations for creating brilliant embroidery creations are the Japanese and the English. They both used embroidery to decorate ceremonial garments as well as decorative home items. While the Japanese are most known for their amazing kimonos, the English are well known for their hand embroidered fabric furniture panels.

Unfortunately for collectors, many of the works of embroidery art of the past have been lost to time and decay. The silk threads and fabrics are very prone to damage by insects and light. It is very unlikely these days to find a work made prior to the mid 1600’s. Examples from earlier than this time only exist in museums, and churches who have taken the care to restore and preserve them.

You can learn the rounding of plum petals, point of stitching that shows beautifully the boundary between petals and petals, points to handle flat threads well with images tutorial through this video.