How To Choose An Embroidery Machine

The latest technology today is sewing machines that double as embroidery machines. By using the computer integrated into the machine, you can quickly and easily add cards or downloads to embroider any pattern imaginable. Instead of spending hours on an embroidery pattern by doing the needlework by hand, create beautiful and durable machine embroidered pieces in mere seconds. If you are interested in purchasing an embroidery machine, doing the initial research will ensure you find the correct machine for your needs.

The first step to choosing an embroidery machine is to set your budget. Just like any electronic item, the price of embroidery machines can soar to the thousands of dollars. Remember, the most expensive machine is not always the best machine for your needs. Establish a maximum amount you are willing to pay for a machine and then begin your search.

Next, identify your needs. Many sewing machines have embroidery attachments, but they also serve other purposes. Do you intend to sew heavy fabrics like leather or canvas? Do you intend to piece quilts or complete the actual quilting process on the machine? Do you need a machine that can make specialty edges like rolled hems? It is quite tempting to purchase a complex machine that can perform every command under the sun, but usually this versatility comes with a hefty price tag.

Another thing to keep in mind is your technical prowess. Beginners are strongly suggested to invest in a less complicated machine that will serve as an introduction to the technology. Quite often, individuals purchase a machine that is too difficult to understand or use, so the machine sits in disuse while the payments are still being made. Remember, you can always trade up to a more advanced model once you decide your needs and wants have advanced.

If you are purchasing a machine solely for its embroidery then focus on this option and steer clear of the “all in one” machines that can do a bit of everything. Many individuals look to start their own business making customized or personalized items. If you are contemplating this option, ensure the machine you purchase can do sizable embroidery pieces, take several different colored threads at once, and have a large library of either purchasable cards or downloadable designs. Also, if you plan to do an extensive amount of embroidery on your machine, ensure the machine you purchase is well built to withstand the wear and tear that use usually brings.

Most embroidery machines come with many additions and options that can be purchased later on when the need arises. This is an excellent option, since you can purchase any additions for a great deal less that you can buy a brand new machine that meets your extended needs. Also, if you plan on trading up to a new model of embroidery machine, search for a company or store that has a policy that will allow you to do so. Many stores that specialize in sewing machines will buy back your used machine for a percentage of the original price if the machine is in working condition.

Whatever brand of embroidery machine you choose to buy, be sure you visit a store to view the machine firsthand. Most sewing shops or stores that specialize in sewing machines offer demonstrations of the different brands and machines for sale, so that you can see exactly what the machine can do. Also, many shops offer introductory classes so that new users can learn to use their new embroidery machine to its fullest.

Doing initial research before you buy is key to ensuring you do not experience buyer’s remorse at the end of the day.