Embroidery Machines; Making Embroidery Easier for You!

Before, embroidery needs a lot of hard work especially if your project involves intricate designs and details. It will then take you weeks or even months to finish an embroidery project. But, those days are long gone. With the ingenuity of embroidery machines, even the most delicate and intricate embroidery design can be done… fast. However, you have to take a trip to machine embroidering factories to get your project done. That has been long gone too.

Nowadays, you just have to purchase a personal embroidery machine and you’re good to go. Yes, there are now lots of embroidery machines for use at home. Ever since the development of computer technology involving embroidery software, it is now much easier to create embroidery designs at home as well as machine embroider a project. So, it now comes down as to whether you will buy an embroidery machine or not.

Introduction to Embroidery Machines

So what really are embroidery machines? These are basically sewing machines especially designed for embroidery. It can perfectly embroider on different fabric types; even on paper. When you buy your personal embroidery machine, it usually comes with software which is used to create designs. If your machine doesn’t include it, you can purchase the software in any embroidery or sewing supply shops. You may also download the software on the internet; this is usually free.

Now, with the use of embroidery machines, you’d b able to create artistic designs or motifs which usually include flowers, religious designs, things you see around, geometrical designs, realistic designs, letters and numbers. But, it is not that easy to create a motif. It usually takes a lot of time, patience and practice to make a perfect motif.

Getting to Know Embroidery Machines

In the early 19th century, a machine that does the same type of work as to hand embroidery was invented. The inventor sold it to a cloth merchant around the year 1829. And in 1854, there have been 12 machines operating in a Swiss factory. Several models were also designed then.

  • The Handmachine – this model was first invented operated by hand; it was later operated by water and electricity.
  • The Chain-stitch Cornely machine – It was introduced in Switzerland around 1860s and is still popular up to this day.
  • Schifflimachine – this was created in 1860s and led to the production of lace imitation. And this is also the start of embroidery industry.

So, how do these machines work? The modern embroidery machines are computer-operated. Brother and Viking White are just among the most popular embroidery machines available nowadays.

After you have purchased your personal embroidery machine, the next thing you need are your embroidery supplies. You will need;

  • Software for editing and digitizing
  • Files of embroidery designs or patterns
  • Fabric stabilizers along with your fabrics
  • Hoops which usually comes with the machine
  • Needles
  • Threads
  • Bobbins

You have your machine. You have your embroidery supplies. Now, is there anything that confuses you? If so, you can always go online to search for tips and guides on how you can maximize your embroidery machines.

Depending on the brand of your machine, they will have their own websites which offers technical supports to assist you in your needs. Other embroidery websites can also help you in your needs.