Hand Embroidery Designs

Embroidery is one of the fascinating home crafts that have been around for many decades. Rather than becoming an antiquated form of art, it is still thriving even in the modern times. However, some technological advancement have ushered in a number of changes and improvements in the art of embroidery. Rather than using the hands for painstakingly creating simple designs, digital embroidery machines are made available, which saves valuable amount of money and time.

However, there are few individuals who prefer the more traditional way through hand embroidery designs. Instead of solely relying on machines to create beautiful patterns for them, they find more fulfillments in personally expressing their creativity. This is made possible in hand embroidery designs since when using machine, a person would entirely be dependent on the capabilities of he digital device. This marginally takes out the personal input of an individual because most of the creative designs are already in the menu to choose from.

Net Stitch

Undeniable so, hand embroidery designs are more difficult to make and requires considerable amount of time to accomplish. Aside from this, it would also require a clear eyesight and knack in manipulating the thread and fabric. It would also require extraordinary amount of patience and creativity since a person would solely rely on her own imagination. Among the different types of hand embroidery designs include ribbon and lace embroidery, canvas work and cross-stitch.

Several decades ago, ribbons and laces are frequently used to create a number of floral designs. This is a good choice for people who are just starting out in hand embroidery designs since it is relatively easy to learn in comparing to other known techniques.

The cross-stitch is the most common and popular hand embroidery method, which has a great number of patterns that you can choose from. It is also quite easy but would require close attention in following the exact number of stitches and the different colors to be used in order the produce a perfect design. In canvas work, a person would usually deal with yarns and fabrics to create different and unique designs. However it is not advisable for beginners since it requires a great amount of skill and expertise.

No matter what type of embroidery method you would choose, making embroidery with your own hands can be more fulfilling since you can confidently claim it as your own work, with your very own imagination and inventiveness.